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Types of Auto Insurance

There are different types of auto insurance that offer coverage for various liabilities. You cannot forego auto insurance and therefore you should have clear understanding of types of auto insurance to meet any eventuality.


What constitutes auto insurance?

Different types of auto insurance consist mainly of liability, uninsured driver, full coverage, and passenger medical. Liability insurance provides coverage for damages up to maximum limit in your policy. You pay for cost of damages beyond liability limits. However, such liability limits differ from state to state.


Among different types of auto insurance, uninsured driver insurance comes to your rescue if you are in an accident with a driver having no insurance coverage. Normally, a person that causes accident pays for damages in accident. However, if other party does not have any insurance, your auto insurance company pays for your damages through this form of insurance.


Full coverage provides for all damages due to an accident. You hardly pay for any damages in an accident if you have such full coverage of auto insurance. Of course, such coverage calls for higher premium rates among different types of auto insurance. Passenger medical, as name implies, covers medical expenses of passengers in car during accident. Normally, such coverage amounts range between $50,000 and $100,000. This coverage proves very useful in meeting medical expenses and injuries.


What is my cost of insurance?

Different types of auto insurance command different insurance premiums. High-risk categories command higher premiums while you pay lower premiums if you avail certain discounts. You can compare costs of different auto insurance companies before taking insurance coverage with any particular auto insurance company.


Can I reduce insurance costs?

Yes, you can reduce insurance costs substantially by taking few precautionary steps. Good driving record, safe driving, safety devices in car, alarm devices, and techniques, good grades in school and college, defensive driving, few or no accidents, affiliation to certain social groups or organizations, etc. dictate insurance rates for different types of auto insurance.

Types of auto insurance


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